Camping High Power Led Flashlights Rechargeable Spotlights Searchlight Double Head With Powerful Lamp Bead Waterproof


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Basic product parameters:

Size: 100*177mm

Lamp bead: L2+35*SMD LED Patch

Power: 40W

Weight: 675 grams

Life time: 4-6 hours

Charging voltage: 5V

L2 lamp illumination mode: high / medium / low

SMD patch lighting mode: high / medium / low / red and blue flashing


Dual head design, one end for long range lighting and one end for close range lighting, powerful enough for your home, car or boat, or excellent equipment/backup when power is unavailable due to hurricanes or snowfall, great for long range or hands-on work, a gift for outdoor adventures.

Packing list:

1 * LED portable light

1 * USB charging cable


1.After receiving the goods, please charge it first and then use it;

2. When the product is low on power, please charge it in time, do not over discharge to avoid battery damage.

3. The waterproof of the product is life waterproof, can be used normally in rainy days, but not directly into the water or diving use.

4. We give you a USB charging cable, you can use your cell phone plug to charge the product.

5. About the lighting mode, press the switch, you can adjust different lighting modes.

6. About charging, you can judge the remaining power or charging power by observing the indicator light on the light.

7. Please do not open the product at will, we are not responsible for any damage caused by your opening the product.

8.If you have any problems with the product, please contact us at the first time, please do not give us a bad review, a bad review can not solve the problem, we will assist you to solve the problem, thank you for your understanding!

Micro USB fast charging

Built-in large capacity 32650 lithium battery, long battery life

Battery display function, keep abreast of remaining battery power

7 lighting modes

SMD patch has warning light mode, red and blue flashing

IPX4 waterproof rating, normal use on rainy days, not for diving

Instructions for use:

1-about the lighting mode: there are 2 switches, one switch represents the front light “high brightness, middle brightness, low brightness”, a switch represents the rear light “high brightness, middle brightness, low brightness, red and blue flashing”

2- About the power output: support 5V-1A power output, you can charge your cell phone and other mobile devices.

3-about the power indicator: 4 indicators, respectively, representing 100%-75%-50%-25% of the power, please charge in time when the power is low.

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